If you only have a few loads or just that extra one, you can always enter your leads directly into Xzazu using our lead in wizard. No coding needed.
Use your existing form
Already have online form and want to use it as input for Xzazu? Include a simple JavaScript file on your existing web forms and post your data to Xzazu without changing a thing.
Use Jotform
Perhaps the quickest and easiest way to get up and running. Design and publish a form using the Jotform’s online form builder and integrate directly with Xzazu.
Integrate with 2,000 + Apps through Zapier
Xzazu is fully integrated with Zapier, a great online tool that connects your favourite apps. Zapier lets you integrate Xzazu with over 2000 apps as a source for your leads, like sheets and Facebook.
API integration
Of course Xzazu comes with full API possibilities. Integrate with our API to get leads in from your own software applications and unlock the full power that Xzazu offers.
Buying leads from Affiliates? Xzazu is just great for that! Read more about our comprehensive Affiliate Module.
Xzazu is designed with international business in mind. That’s why Xzazu can handle any language and any alphabet.
Add value to your leads by checking lead fields before processing the incoming lead.
Lead score
Score leads based on the content of the lead so you can make sure you do not distribute low quality leads to your clients. 
Build and use different categories of leads according to the needs of your business case.
Get started today
Sign up now for a Free Trial. Your Trial is up and running in minutes. No lengthy setup process required.